The Redeemed Worship Center Church Christian Counseling Ministry led by Dr. Rosa Drummond exists to provide professional, Christ-centered biblical counseling services to all those in need.  


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Welcome! I pray that the Lord God will bless you with eyes to see and ears to hear that you may receive all that He has in store for you during your visit. 
I want to commend you for taking the first steps in changing your life by seeking Godly counsel. I also want to remind you that God has promised to restore to you the years that the locust have eaten. And by standing in agreement with His Word you confirm that His Word will not return to him void. 
Like most counselors, I recognize that personal problems can come about because of physiology, socialenvironmental influences and psychological pressures. However; I believe that life is all about relationships and that counselors are called to help us when we have difficulty managing these relationships. Whether it is the relationship that we have with ourselves, our children, our spouse or even our relationship with God, all require patience, wisdom and faith to be successful.
As we begin our work during counseling sessions, we will develop yet another relationship and I believe that this new relationship should be built upon mutual trust and respect. As such, I wanted a moment to tell you about myself and my personal beliefs. First and foremost, I am a Christian! I am certified by the NCCA to provide pastoral counseling in areas including but not limited to individual, group, marriage, substance-abuse and addictions. I do not prescribe or administer medical treatment or drug therapies, nor am I State Licensed to provide psychiatric services.
As a faith-based counselor, I believe that the practice of "value-free" counseling is both unwise and impractical.  Without God's direction, I am limited to psychological techniques and to my own human effort and wisdom. God is the real authority in counseling and He gives us the resources to change. Therefore, counseling without HIS WORD is about as effective as applying a bandage over a bacteria-infested wound. It will not heal properly and the underlying causes of the infection will remain forever. Counseling should involve praying with you about your difficulties and looking to the authority of the Word for guidance. In this way, I seek to encourage you to build a dependency on God. In Him, you will find forgiveness for the past, strength and comfort for the present, and hope for the future!
Please feel free to browse the remainder the counseling area. I pray that this site will be an inspiration and a blessing to you today and when you are ready, that you will take the next step by faith and schedule an appointment to begin receiving what God has in store for you.
Again, thank you for your visit and may GOD BLESS YOU!
Love in Christ,
Dr. Rosa Drummond