Mission and Vision

Redeemed Worship Center Church

Our Mission

Equipping people with the Word of God, teaching the Word without compromise, and preparing believers for the work of the kingdom.

Our Vision 

Our Confession: 

We call into being those things that be not as though they were.  We all speak the same thing.  We are united in faith and receiving what God’s grace has already provided.  Our church is growing and prospering in every area.  The Word of God is the first and final authority in every situation.  We are led by the Spirit of God, walking in the wisdom of God.  We are motivated by the love of God.  One third of our being is full of God and complete in Him. 

People are receiving what they need in every area of their lives, when they spend time under the Word that is preached in this church.  We have 100% tithers, who give out of a heart of love for their God, and meet the needs of others.  We are a supernatural church composed of supernatural people manifesting supernatural things.  Our new facility will house the full vision of the Redeemed Worship Center Church.

Every member is healed and spiritually and financially prosperous.  Our church is out of debt as are our members.  We are reaching the Philadelphia area and our world for Jesus.  Our youth are on fire for God and reaching others.  Families are flourishing and reaching other families.  We have favor with God and man.  Pastor Rosa is pastoring supernaturally and has favor with the membership!  Our ministries are flourishing because each leader has the vision of Redeemed Worship Center Church in their hearts and they are sold out to God.  Every service is filled.  The Word of God is being preached and supernatural signs are following. Amen!